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Zolkin, S. Yu. (2015)

Comparative carpological researches of representatives of the genus Symplocos, which belong to monotypic family Symplocaceae are carried out. These fruits are considered as syncarpic inferior polymeric (S. japonica) or pseudomonomeric pyrenarium (all the rest of investigated genera). The pericarp is usually multilayered. The exocarp is single-layered. The mesocarp is usually differentiated into two, rarely three zones (S. glauca). In outer zone of mesocarp, single sclereids can be found. The endocarp is differentiated into two zones – the outer consists of layers of strongly thickened sclereids, and the inner one is represented by one layer of thin-walled cells. According to these carpological features the family Symplocaceae has rather isolated position within the order Ericales sensu APG III.
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