On mode of rythmological evolution of ferns

Article Russian OPEN
Shorina, N. I. ; Derzhavina, N. M. (2015)

Possible ways of rhythmological evolution of ferns are outlined on the basis of comparison of basal evergreen phenorhythmotype with derived rhythms occurring in temperate ferns. Terminal stages of intra-bud morphogenesis and extra-bud morphogenesis of fronds of short-rhizomatous chamephytes and hemicryptophytes (Athyrium, Polypodium sp. div., Lepisorus, Pyrrosia, Nephrolepis, Asplenium bulbiferum, A. viviparum, A. trichomanes), long-rhizomatous erosulate hemicryptophytes (Gymnocarpium) and geophytes (Pteridium) are analyzed. Modes of biomorphological evolution resulting in change of phenorhythmotypes are detected.
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