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Boyko, E. V. (2015)
  • Publisher: Altai State University
  • Journal: Turczaninowia (issn: 1560-7267, eissn: 1560-7259)

The achene surface structures (SEM) of 58 species of Artemisia and the species: Neopallasia pectinata, Ajania pallasiana, Filifolium sibiricum, Leucanthemum vulgare, Matricaria recutita, M. matricarioides, as well as two species of Chrysanthemum (C. chanetii, C. coronarium) are provided. The achene surface sculpture in Artemisia is determined by the complexes of mucilage containing cells located in the exocarp. Significant variation of pericarp surface sculpture was revealed in the species with wide distribution area – A. arctica and A. furcata. It is determined that Artemisia is rather uniform in its achene surface structure. None of the distinguished types of the achene surface structure is characteristic to any particular section or subgenus. Mucilage containing cell complexes are not a character of the genus, since similar cell complexes are typical for some other taxa of the tribe Anthemideae as well. However, the details of the sculpture discovered by means of SEM are good additional characters for identification of some species or particular groups of species.
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