The genus Cypripedium (Orchidaceae) in the flora of Vietnam

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Averyanov, L.V.; Canh, C.X.; Tuan, N.H.; Phu, V.A.; Nguyen, K.S.; Nguyen, T.H.; Maisak, T.V.;

Род Cypripedium объединяет 40–45 видов, распространенных главным образом в областях Голарктического царства с умеренным и теплоумеренным климатом. Его наибольшее видовое разнообразие наблюдается на востоке континентальной Азии и в Северной Америке. В ненарушенных местах... View more
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    C. lentiginosum P. J. Cribb et S. C. Chen, 1999, Quart. Bull. Alpine Gard. Soc. Gr. Brit. 67, 2: 155; Chen, Cribb, 2005, Fl. China 25: 32. - C. lichiangense S. C. Chen et P. J. Cribb subsp. lentiginosum (P. J. Cribb et S. C. Chen) Eccarius, 2009, Orchideengattung Cypripedium: 289.

    Described from southern China. Lectotype (“S. E. Yunnan, mountains near Ma-li-po, 2100 m., May 1998, Li in Luo, s.n.”) - K [K000364555], chosen by Eccarius (2009).

    = C. lichiangense S. C. Chen et P. J. Cribb var. daweishanense S. C. Chen et Z. J. Liu, 2004, Acta Bot. Yunnan. 26, 4: 384. - C. daweishanense (S. C. Chen et Z. J. Liu) S. C. Chen et Z. J. Liu, 2005, J. Wuhan Bot. Res. 23, 3: 233.

    Described from southern China. Type (“China, southeastern Yunnan, Pingbian County, Mt. Daweishan, alt. 2300 m, in thickets, 28 May 2003, Z. J. Liu 26661”) - Herbarium of Shenzhen City Wutongshan Nurseries (holotype).

    = C. malipoense S. C. Chen et Z. J. Liu, 2004, Acta Bot. Yunnan. 26: 382, fig. 1.

    Described from southern China. Type (“China, southeastern Yunnan, Malipo County, Cizhuba, 2002, 06, 12, Z. J. Liu 2452”) - Herbarium of Shenzhen City Wutongshan Nurseries (holotype).

    Habitat, phenology and conservation status. Terrestrial and lithophytic rhizomatous herb. Primary and secondary broad-leaved evergreen open forests and thickets on rocky steep slopes and mossy boulders just below ridges composed with solid karstic limestone, commonly in grassy places on wet, well drained soils rich in humus. 2100-2300 m a. s. l. Fl. May-June. Very rare. Estimated IUCN Red List status - EN.

    Distribution. Southern China: southeastern Yunnan (Malipo and Pingbian counties), northern Vietnam: northwestern Ha Giang (Quan Ba district)? Fig. 3B.

    Notes. The last assessment estimates this species as Endangered [B1ab(ii,iii,v)+2ab(ii,iii,v); C2a(i); D] (Rankou, Averyanov, 2014a). However, expected area of the species occupancy as 20 km2 looks certainly overestimated and in fact it is much smaller. Actually, years ago it was recorded from three locations only (Cribb, Chen, 1999; Chen, Liu, 2004; Chen, Cribb, 2005). Since the assessment in 2014, no information about any extant populations of this extremely rare plant became available. It is highly probably that the species is presently extinct, or stands on the verge of full extinction in the nature. Commercial collecting of the species for horticultural purposes, as well as for regional and Averyanov L. V. 1999. Genus Cypripedium (Orchidaceae) in the Russia. Turczaninowia 2, 2: 5-40 [In Russian]. (Аверьянов Л. В. Род Cypripedium (Orchidaceae) на территории России // Turczaninowia, 1999. Т. 2, вып. 2. С. 5-40).

    Averyanov L. V. 2000. The genus Cypripedium (Orchidaceae) in Russia. Lindleyana 15, 4: 197-221.

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