Taxonomic notes on miscellaneous Cruciferae

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German, D. A. (2016)
  • Publisher: Altai State University
  • Journal: Turczaninowia (issn: 1560-7267, eissn: 1560-7259)
  • Subject: Brassicaceae; флористические находки; новые комбинации и синонимы; систематика; Турция; Barbarea; Ceriosperma | Barbarea; Brassicaceae; Ceriosperma; floristic findings; new combinations and synonyms; systematics; Turkey

Taxonomy of miscellaneous taxa of Cruciferae (Brassicaceae) is updated. Six new combinations (Erophila macrosperma, Isatis densiflora, Mostacillastrum volckmannii, Noccaea boissieri, Odontarrhena caliacrae, and Rorippa tsaratananae) are validated. Four names are newly reduced to synonymy of what follows them in parentheses: Barbamine procumbens (Barbarea ketzkhovelii), Cochlearia microcarpa (Rorippa austriaca), Torularia karatavica (Strigosella scorpioides), and Tetracme leptopoda (T. recurvata). One name (Cochlearia microcarpa) is lectotypified. Barbarea ketzkhovelii is recorded for the first time from Turkey. Brief nomenclatural comments are provided for all entries
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