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Неверова, Надежда Анатольевна; Левчук, Алексей Александрович; Медведева, Елена Николаевна; Остроухова, Людмила Андреевна; Онучина, Нина Аркадьевна; Бабкин, Василий Анатольевич; Голобокова, Г. М.;
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  • Published: 18 Jan 2014 Journal: Khimiia rastitel'nogo syr'ia (Chemistry of plant raw material) (issn: 1029-5143, eissn: 1029-5151, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Altai State University
The chemical composition of heartwood extractive substances of L. cajanderi Mayr., growing in the Magadan area is investigated. It is shown that the flavonoides maximum content in the investigated wood makes 4,5%, and their greatest content is observed in samples from southern regions of the Magadan area. The quantitative proportion of the basic larch flavonoides - dihydroquercetin and accompanying related substances (dihydrokaempferol, eriodictiol, naringenin) makes ~ 4,5 : 1 that considerably differs from that in the wood of Larix sibirica and Larix gmelinii (L. dahurica) (9: 1). The investigated samples of L. cajanderi wood, depending on growth area, contain ...
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