Contribution to the chromosome numbers of some vascular plants from Israel and Russia

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Lomonosova, M. N. ; Sukhorukov, A. P. (2015)

Somatic chromosome numbers of 10 species of Amaranthaceae s. str., Asteraceae, Caryophyllaceae, Chenopodiaceae and Frankeniaceae were counted. Chromosome numbers of Atriplex intracontinentalis Sukhor. (2n = 18), Corispermum filifolium C.A. Meyer ex Becker (2n = 18) and Frankenia tuvinica Lomon. (2n = 20) have not been reported before. With the exception of Gypsophila capillaris (Forssk.) C.Chr., chromosome numbers of Amaranthus albus L. (2n = 32), Dyssodia tenuiloba (DC) R.B. Rob. (2n = 24), Lactuca viminea (L.) J. & C. Presl (2n = 18), Tragopogon coelesyriacus Boiss. (2n = 12), Chenopodium opulifolium Schrad. ex W.D.J. Koch & Ziz (2n = 54), Chenopodium missouriense Aellen (2n = 54) have not previously been counted using material growing in Israel.
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