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Кирсанкин (Kirsankin), Андрей (Andrei) Александрович (Aleksandrovich) ; Михалева (Mikhaleva), Мария (Mariia) Геннадьевна (Gennad'evna) ; Никольский (Nikol'skii), Сергей (Sergei) Николаевич (Nikolaevich) ; Мусохранова (Musokhranova), Анна (Anna) Витальевна (Vital'evna) ; Стовбун (Stovbun), Сергей (Sergei) Витальевич (Vital'evich) (2016)
  • Publisher: Altai State University
  • Journal: Khimiia rastitel'nogo syr'ia (Chemistry of plant raw material) (issn: 1029-5143, eissn: 1029-5151)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.14258/jcprm.2016041415
  • Subject: roughness; smoothness; atomic force microscopy; coated paper, and the surface | шероховатость; гладкость; атомно-силовая микроскопия; мелованная бумага; поверхность

The possibilities of surface quality analysis of coated paper types using atomic force microscopy are considered. It is shown that the technique of surface analysis of pulp and paper materials using AFM is quite versatile and gives a reliable characterization of roughness of different types of pulp and paper products. In contrast to traditional "air" quality control methods for of paper products, which are standardized in ISO system, and through of national and industry standardization systems (GOST, DIN, SCAN, TAPPI), this method gives a direct image of the surface topography (close to 3D image). Processing of the image surface of the sheet using embedded software allows calculating the roughness in full accordance with the requirements of GOST 2789-73 and the international recommendations for the standardization of ISO P 468. It should be noted that the obtained data are consistent with those obtained by other methods, however, in some cases, equal to indirect measure of roughness specified by the manufacturer, the direct calculation of the Ra parameter according to the AFM gives different results. This method of direct surface analysis of coated papers used in the work, can in future be considered as a method of operative control processes for the surface treatment of various materials.
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