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Анисимов, Михаил Михайлович ; Чайкина, Елена Леонидовна (2014)
  • Publisher: Altai State University
  • Journal: Khimiia rastitel'nogo syr'ia (Chemistry of plant raw material) (issn: 1029-5143, eissn: 1029-5151)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.14258/jcprm.201404285
  • Subject: triterpenes glycosides, roots, saponins, Cucumis sativus, plant-growth, biologically active, growth-inhibitory action | тритерпеновые гликозиды, фиторегулирующая активность, проростки Cucumis sativus, ингибиторы роста растений

The effects of growth regulators triterpene glycosides hederagenin – caulosides A, C, D and G, isolated from Caulophyllum robustum Maxim. on root growth of seedlings Cucumis sativus L. were studied  Seeds were germinated in rolls of filter paper.  The efficiency of growth regulatory actions investigated compounds depends on their chemical structure. Caulosides A and C have the one carbohydrate chain. These compounds exert an inhibitory effect on the growth of seedling roots Cucumis sativus (10,3 and 20,4 % respectively) at concentrations of 500 and 100 µ/ml. Caulosides D and G have two carbohydrate chains. These compounds no exert an inhibitory effect on the growth of seedling roots Cucumis sativus at concentrations of 500 µ/ml. Caulosides D and G exert small stimulating effect at concentrations of 100 (9,1%) and 250 (10,4 %) µ/ml respectively.
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