Taxonomy of Mertensia dschagastanica and species of the genus Stephanocaryum (Boraginaceae)

Article Russian OPEN
Nikiforova, O. D. (2015)

Morphological characteristics of the fruit (form of erem and ginobasis), as well as characteristics of pollen grains indicate a close relationship between of Mertensia dschagastanica (Boraginaceae, tribus Trigonotideae) and species of the genus Stephanocaryum (tribus Eritrchieae), which in the «Flora of USSR» refer not only to different genera, but also to different tribes. The genus Stephanocaryum includes 3 species: S. olgae, S. popovii, and S. dschagastanicа. The first two species are closely related and merged into a section Stephanocaryum, and S. dschagastanicа in section Mertensianthe. Genus Stephanocaryum has a hybrid origin, species of which are preserved in Tian-Shan.
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