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Шевчук, Михаил Олегович ; Зильберглейт, Марк Аронович ; Шишаков, Евгений Павлович (2013)
  • Publisher: Altai State University
  • Journal: Khimiia rastitel'nogo syr'ia (Chemistry of plant raw material) (issn: 1029-5143, eissn: 1029-5151)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.14258/jcprm.1303043
  • Subject: sulphate cellulose, x-ray analysis, index of crystallinity, degree of crystallinity, the coefficient of volume thermal expansion, density, specific heat capacity | целлюлоза сульфатная, рентгеноструктурный анализ, индекс кристалличности, степень кристалличности, коэффициент объемного теплового расширения, плотность, удельная теплоемкость

In article the questions connected with studying over-molecular of structure of sulphatic cellulose, intended for chemical processing are considered. As objects research the improved cellulose Baikal CPC (Russian Federation) and Baha firms (Brazil) served. Roentgenogram cellulose received on diffractometr D8 Advance firm Bruker AXS manufactures at radiation use К-α the copper, allocated with the nickel filter, from a long wave λ =1,54 Å. Measurement was spent in a step-by-step mode in the range of corners of 4–30 degrees with step of 0,1 degrees, time of the account of one point 4 with. Have been defined degree crystalical, an index crystallical, the size crystalit, the density, specific volume, factor of volume thermal expansion, a specific thermal capacity, standard enthalpy interactions with water are calculated. It is established, that indicators crystalical and heatphysical properties of cellulose do not influence durability of a viscose fibre.
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