Key to the rust fungi of the Kazakhstan

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Rakhimova, Y. V. ; Nam, G. A. ; Yermekova, B. D. ; Abiyev, S. A. ; Jetigenova, U. K. ; Yessengulova, B. Zh. (2015)

For identification of the 259 species from 21 genera of rust fungi of Kazakhstan, a key based on the systematic position of the host plant, symptoms of infected plants and microscopic features of fungal pathogens was prepared. 786 species (Polypodiophyta – 3 species, Pinophyta – 8, Magnoliophyta – 775) are recorded as host plants. Six species of fungi that cause rust (Puccinia acanthii P. Syd. et Syd., Puccinia calthae Link, Pucciniastrum goodyerae (Tranzschel) Arthur, Uredinopsis macrosperma (Cooke) Magnus, Uromyces cobresiae Korbonsk., Uromyces lineolatus (Desm.) J. Schröt.), and 29 species of host plants are new to Kazakhstan.
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