Stipa desertorum (Roshev.) Ikonn. in the foothill of Small Khamar-Daban ridge (Western Transbaikalia)

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Namzalov, B. B. ; Namzalov, M. B.-Ts. (2015)

The article contains data about new finding of Central-Asian desert-steppe species – Stipa desertorum (Roshev.)  Ikonn.  in  the  foothills  of  Small  Khamar-Daban  ridge  in  Western  Transbaikalia.  The  ecotopic and  phytocoenotic  characteristics  of  the  association  of S.  desertorum  (Roshev.)  Ikonn.    in  the  mountain  larch forest-steppe  of  Transbaikalia  are  presented  in  the  article.
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