Vegetation in the lower reaches of Indigirka river (zonal and mountain tundras)

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Telyatnikov, M. Yu. ; Troeva, E. I. ; Prystyazhnyuk, S. A. ; Gogoleva, P. A. ; Cherosov, M. M. ; Pestryakova, L. A. (2015)

Lower reaches of Indigirka river are char­acterized by high coenotic diversity. 9 associations, 4 subassociations, 5 variants which belongs to 5 classes of ecological-floristic classification are described in the study area. Five associations and 4 subassociations are described for the first time. Some plant communities are widespread in the Sibe­rian Arctic: moss tundra (ass. Carici arctisibiricae–Hy­locomietum alaskani Matveyeva 1994) and dryas (ass. Rhytidio rugosi–Dryadetum punctate Matveyeva 1998) tundra, nival meadows (ass. Deschampsio–Cerastietum regelii Matveyeva 1994) and cryophytic grassy bogs (ass. Meesio triquetris–Caricetum stantis Matveyeva 1994). Were described new syntaxa. For the typical tundra sub­zone are described lichen-moss tundra (ass. Tephrosero atropurpureae–Salicetum pulchrae Telyatnikov, Troeva ass. nova hoc loco) and dwarf-shrub moss nival tundra (ass. Astragalo frigidi–Salicetum reptantis Telyatnikov, Troeva ass. nova hoc loco). First association is confined to a gently sloping parts of watersheds, second – to the river terraces. Moss-willow tundra communities (ass. Sa­nionio uncinati–Salicetum hastatae Telyatnikov, Troeva ass. nova hoc loco) occupy the slopes of the watersheds and spread in the southern tundra subzone and subalpine mountain belt of Kondakovsky plateau. Sedge-sphagnum bogs (ass. Carici rariflorae–Sphagnetum warnstorfii Telyatnikov, Troeva ass. nova hoc loco) are part of po­lygonal-ridged tundra-bogs complexes and are typical for the southern tundra subzone. Eroded rubbly-stony slopes of Indigirka river are occupied by communities of ass. Potentillo arenosae–Thymetum oxyodonti Telyatnikov, Troeva ass. nova hoc loco. The features of subzonal-belt differentiation of syn­taxa depending on the ratio of their geographical groups of species are revealed. Diversity of vegetation explained by the presence of both the plains and the mountain land­scapes Kondakovsky plateau.
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