Approaches to gene pool conservation of medicinal plant Oxytropis lanata (Pall.) DC. (Fabaceae)

Article Russian OPEN
Kholina, A. B. ; Voronkova, N. M. ; Nakonechaya, O. V. ; Koren’, O. G. (2015)

In order to preserve the gene pool of medicinal plant Oxytropis lanata (Pall.) DC. we analyzed allozyme polymorphism and identified reliable and informative marker enzyme systems of this species; also we studied the response of seeds to deep freezing in liquid nitrogen (–196 ºС). Population has an average level of polymorphism (P95 = 41,2 %, P99 = 52,9 %, A = 1,58, Ho = 0,158, He = 0,171) in general typical for herbaceous legumes, and can serve as a source of material for gene pool conservation of the species. Deep freezing has not led to the death of the seeds; it was marked stimulatory effect of ultralow temperatures, expressed as an acceleration of germination and sharp increase of germinability (98,6 ± 2,3 %) compared to the control (12,0 ± 3,5 %) that is associated with overcoming physical dormancy. There were no abnormalities in the development of seedlings from seeds passed cryopreservation.
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