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The Genesis of the Roman Imperial Guard

Дьяченко, А.Ю.;
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  • Published: 08 Sep 2017 Journal: Izvestiya of Altai State University (issn: 1561-9451, eissn: 1561-9443, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Izvestiya of Altai State University
The article focuses on the genesis of the praetorian cohorts and their transformation into the imperial guard. Praetorian guard, founded by Octavian Augustus, according to some researchers, led its origin from the Praetorian cohorts during the Civil War. According to the author, the civil wars of the 1st century BC, cannot be considered to be the main reason for emerging of the Praetorian guard, which contradicts the opinion expressed by a number of representatives of domestic and foreign historiography. The process of the birth of the imperial guard is closely related to Roman history. The impact of the Etruscans and the power of the first kings contributed to ...

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