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Исследование неолитической керамики КНР методами естественных наук

Girchenko E.;
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  • Published: 31 Mar 2017 Journal: Теория и практика археологических исследований (issn: 2307-2539, eissn: 2307-2539, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Altai State University
Neolithic Age is characterized by great changes in social, demographic and economic life of prehistoric tribes of China. It was the time of development of different spheres of material production including the production of ceramics. During this period, all the basic methods of vessel construction were formed, a primitive potter’s wheel appeared, firing technology and the principles of ornamentation were improved and became more complex. At the Neolithic Age the ancient ceramists developed a basic set of categories and forms of pottery. Currently over 30 Neolithic cultures of China were allocated, they are being combined in some local traditions, depending on th...
free text keywords: Ancient China, Neolithic, the evolution of technological traditions of pottery production, chemical composition, firing technique, Древний Китай, неолит, эволюция технологических традиций, гончарное производство, химический состав, обжиг, Natural science, Archaeology, China, Pottery, Geography

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