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L. P. Khlebova ; N. V. Barysheva (2015)
  • Publisher: Altay State University
  • Journal: Acta Biologica Sibirica (issn: 2412-1908, eissn: 2412-1908)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.14258/abs.v1i3-4.919
  • Subject: интрогрессивные линии | Triticum timopheevii | унивалент | твердая пшеница | хиазма. | бивалент | Agriculture | конъюгация хромосом | S | интрогрессивные линии; твердая пшеница; Triticum timopheevii; мейоз; конъюгация хромосом; бивалент; унивалент; хиазма. | Biology; Botany; Cytology; Genetics | Биология; Ботаника; Цитология; Генетика | introgressive lines; durum wheat; Triticum timopheevii; meiosis; chromosome pairing; bivalent; univalent; chiasma. | мейоз
    mesheuropmc: food and beverages

The cytological analysis of two durum wheat introgressive lines resistant to stem rust is presented. It is shown that the forms derived of Triticum timopheevii Zhuk. discovered bivalent chromosome pairing and high meiotic stability. The absence of structural abnormalities in the immune lines crossed with various durum wheat varieties testified that introgression of agronomic traits from T. timopheevii in T. durum took place by genetic recombination, but not due to replacement of chromosomes or a translocation of large chromosomal regions. The conclusion about a possibility of carrying out the genetic analysis of stem rust resistant lines and further using them in breeding immune durum wheat varieties is made.Keywords: introgressive lines, durum wheat, Triticum timopheevii, meiosis, chromosome pairing, bivalent, univalent, chiasma.
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