The Socialization in Homeschooling in the Opinion of Parents that Educate their Children at Home

Article Polish OPEN
Królikiewicz, Renata (2016)
  • Publisher: Edukacja Elementarna w Teorii i Praktyce
  • Journal: Elementary Education in Theory and Practice (issn: 2353-7787, eissn: 1896-2327)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.14632/eetp.2016.11.42.115
  • Subject: Education | socialization; interactions; social competence; homeschooling; education | pedagogika | socjalizacja; interakcje; kompetencje społeczne; edukacja domowa; wychowanie

Homeschooling, for many reasons, is becoming increasingly popular in Poland. It allows you to develop the potential of the child, to strengthen family relationships and seek their own way of learning about the world. In parallel with this growing interest, it appears a series of controversies, both legal and those related to the validity of the idea, have surfaced. One of the objections directed to families that have decided to educate their children at home is a matter of socialization. Is it possible to prepare the child to live in the community without his/her attending a school? How to develop the necessary skills and build the socio-emotional competences in such limited contact with peers? Is home education a protective shade which restricts socialization or just the opposite? In the article the views of parents educating their children at home are shown, connecting how they understand socialization and the actions they take to support the development of the social maturity of their children.
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