A key role of teaching reading and writing in Polish language teaching

Article Polish OPEN
Grelowska, Wanda (2016)
  • Publisher: Edukacja Elementarna w Teorii i Praktyce
  • Journal: Elementary Education in Theory and Practice (issn: 2353-7787, eissn: 1896-2327)
  • Subject: Education | Polish language education; reading; writing; acceleration; educational reform; a child’s profile at the school threshold; integration | pedagogika; pedagogika wczesnoszkolna | edukacja polonistyczna; czytanie; pisanie; akceleracja; reforma oświatowa; sylwetka dziecka na progu szkoły; integracja

Deliberations contained in the article refer to changes suggested by education reform in respect of lowering educational threshold. With reference to the developmental characteristics of a child entering the first form, an attempt has been made to find arguments supporting that controversial decision. A chance of teaching process intensification is seen in, inter alia, the acceleration phenomenon, too often ignored by parents and teachers. The table shows typical features of a pupil beginning his/her educational process in respect of reading and writing. Polish language teaching, which conveys all educational contents, has a key role. In order to optimize educational process, work stages devoted to the introduction of a letter have been presented taking into account individual subject and intersubject integration. A crucial role has been  assigned to play in order to ease the transition from nursery school to school working system.
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