Building Partnerships in Parent – Teacher Relations on the Basis of Traditional and Modern Forms of Cooperation

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Pulak, Irena ; Szczotka, Martyna ; Szewczuk, Katarzyna (2016)
  • Publisher: Edukacja Elementarna w Teorii i Praktyce
  • Journal: Elementary Education in Theory and Practice (issn: 2353-7787, eissn: 1896-2327)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.14632/eetp.2016.11.40.131
  • Subject: Education | cooperation with parents; forms of cooperation; teacher-parent relations; partnership of school and family; subjectivity | pedagogika | współpraca z rodzicami; formy współpracy; relacje nauczyciel – rodzic; partnerstwo szkoły i rodziny; podmiotowość

Two environments where the process of upbringing and education takes place are crucial for the correct development of a child. The family and the school should be mutually complementary and should strive for the accomplishment of jointly determined objectives. Their relations have a positive impact on the multilateral development of a child, with better learning results and proper functioning in social relations. Good cooperation between the school environment and the family contributes to a decreased risk of educational problems and creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding. It is also beneficial for adults, i.e. teachers and parents who, whilst building partner relations, are becoming more open towards themselves and the child’s needs. In this article, the authors attempt to provide an answer to the question about the partnership of school and parents, the factors influencing good relations between the school and the family home. They also discuss traditional forms of cooperation that are used in educational practice, indicating their positive aspects for building the meeting space. Forms of cooperation between teachers and parents also include the ones that rely on modern tools of information and communication technology. In this respect, special attention was paid to the use of Internet tools. On the basis of analysed literature on the subject, the significance of interaction was shown, along with the need of undertaking extensive activities in the area of improvement of relations between teachers and parents. The text of the article indicates factors that are conducive to an increase in the efficiency of the entire educational process and shows that they are beneficial for all of the entities taking part in it.
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