Water — The Nile — And the Täʾamrä Maryam. Miracles of the Virgin Mary in the Ethiopian Version

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Six, Veronika;
  • Publisher: Universität Hamburg, Hiob Ludolf Centre for Ethiopian Studies
  • Journal: Aethiopica (issn: 2194-4024, eissn: 1430-1938)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.15460/aethiopica.2.1.533
  • Subject: Ethiopian Studies; History | History; Nile; Edition; Holy Mary; Miracles of Mary; Täʾamrä Maryam; Ge'ez; Gǝʿǝz; | ddc:200 | ddc:230 | ddc:400 | ddc:490 | ddc:800 | ddc:890 | ddc:900 | ddc:910 | ddc:960

Starting with the biblical Gǝyon (= the Gǝʿǝz name for the Nile) the river Nile plays an important role in Ethiopian perception.The corpus of the miracles of Mary [Täʾamrä Maryam] particularly during the reign of emperor Zärʾa Yaʿǝqob (1434-68 A.D.) was enlarged with st... View more