PET: A partial evaluation-based test case generation tool for Java bytecode

Article, Conference object English OPEN
Albert E. ; Gomez-Zamalloa M. ; Puebla G. (2010)

PET is a prototype Partial Evaluation-based Test case generation tool for a subset of Java bytecode programs. It performs white-box test generation by means of two consecutive Partial Evaluations (PE). The first PE decompiles the Java bytecode program into an equivalent CLP (Constraint Logic Programming) counterpart. The second PE generates a test-case generator from the CLP program. This generator captures interesting test coverage criteria and it is able to generate further test cases on demand. For the first PE, PET incorporates an existing tool which decompiles bytecode to CLP. The main contribution of this work is the implementation of the second PE and the proof of concept of the approach. This has required the development of a partial evaluator for CLP with appropriate control strategies to ensure the required coverage criteria and to generate test-case generators. PET can be downloaded as free software from its web site, where a repository of examples and a web interface are also provided. Though PET has to be extended to be applicable to larger programs, we argue that it provides some evidence that the approach can be of practical interest.
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