EVEREST+: Run-time SLA violations prediction

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Lorenzoli, D. ; Spanoudakis, G. (2010)

Monitoring the preservation of QoS properties during the operation of service-based systems at run-time is an important verification measure for checking if the current service usage is compliant with agreed SLAs. Monitoring, however, does not always provide sufficient scope for taking control actions against violations as it only detects violations after they occur. In this paper we describe a model-based prediction framework, EVEREST+, for both QoS predictors development and execution. EVEREST+ was designed to provide a framework for developing in an easy and fast way QoS predictors only focusing on their prediction algorithms implementation without the need for caring about how to collect or retrieve historical data or how to infer models out of collected data. It also provides a run-time environment for executing QoS predictors and storing their predictions.
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