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Copernicus - eoSC AnaLytics Engine
Funder: European CommissionProject code: 101017529 Call for proposal: H2020-INFRAEOSC-2020-2
Funded under: H2020 | RIA Overall Budget: 1,999,670 EURFunder Contribution: 1,999,670 EUR

The EU Copernicus programme has established itself globally as the predominant spatial data provider, through the provision of massive streams of high resolution earth observation (EO) data. These data are used in environmental monitoring and climate change applications supporting European policy initiatives, such as the Green Deal and others. To date, there is no single European processing back-end that serves all datasets of interest, and Europe is falling behind international developments in big data analytics and computing. This situation limits the integration of these data in science and monitoring applications, particularly when expanding the applications to regional, continental, and global scales. The proposed C-SCALE (Copernicus - eoSC AnaLytics Engine) project aims to federate European EO infrastructure services, such as the Copernicus DIAS and others. The federation shall capitalise on the European Open Science Cloud’s (EOSC) capacity and capabilities to support Copernicus research and operations with large and easily accessible European computing environments. That would allow the rapid scaling and sharing of EO data among a large community of users by increasing the service offering of the EOSC Portal. By making such a scalable Big Copernicus Data Analytics federated services available through EOSC and its Portal and linking the problems and results with experience from other research disciplines, C-SCALE will help to support the EO sector in its development and furthermore will enable the integration of EO data into other existing and future domains within EOSC. By abstracting the set up of computing and storage resources from the end-users, C-SCALE will enable the deploying of custom workflows to quickly and easily generate meaningful results. The project will deliver a blueprint, setting up an interaction model between service providers to facilitate interoperability between commercial (e.g. DIAS-es) and public cloud infrastructures.

Data Management Plans
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