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Quantum Information Processing in High-Dimensional Ion Trap Systems
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European Commission
Funder: European CommissionProject code: 101039522 Call for proposal: ERC-2021-STG
Funded under: HE | ERC | HORIZON-ERC\HORIZON-AG Overall Budget: 1,499,790 EURFunder Contribution: 1,499,790 EUR
Status: On going
01 Jan 2023 (Started) 31 Dec 2027 (Ending)

Quantum processors have taken the binary paradigm of classical computing to the quantum realm and are starting to outperform the best classical devices. Yet, neither the underlying quantum information carriers, nor many of the targeted problems naturally fit into this two-level paradigm. In this project, I aim to break this paradigm. Instead of restricting the rich Hilbert space of trapped ions to only two levels, the proposed research will make full use of the multi-level (qudit) structure as a resource for quantum information processing. This will unlock unused potential within quantum processors and bring near-term intermediate-scale quantum devices into a regime well beyond classical capabilities. Furthermore, the availability of high-performing qudit quantum hardware will stimulate a rethinking of the way we approach quantum information processing. This ambitious goal will be achieved by designing and implementing a trapped-ion quantum processor, tailored for qudits. Building on the full toolbox of atomic physics, this device will benefit from ongoing developments for binary systems, while featuring significantly extended capabilities, including novel ways of interacting qudits for resource-efficient processing. Using this hardware, we aim to achieve two objectives: First, we will develop tools for and demonstrate native qudit quantum information processing from simulation to computation. Second, we will show that the platform outperforms not only qubit systems but also the best classical devices through the demonstration of a quantum advantage. I am convinced that this project will stimulate a number of research directions beyond its immediate goals, from application-tailored quantum computing, to advanced quantum communication and quantum metrology. My strong background in several quantum technology platforms, as well as my track record in (multi-level) quantum information processing puts me in a unique position to realize the ambitious goals of this project.

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