Graphene nanoelectronics for multifunctional neural probe
French National Research Agency (ANR)  
Funder: French National Research Agency (ANR)Project code: ANR-18-CE42-0003
Funder Contribution: 313,137 EUR
A tremendous goal of nowadays is to understand how brain works in health and disease. Following the electrical activity of such dense and intricate networks (billions of connected neurons), without damaging it, is highly challenging. It requires biomimetic materials to face the reject of the foreign analog probe, reliable nanosensors for localized detection of microscopic events sustaining neural activity, and specific optical or chemical stimulation to interrogate neurons by many means. For that, this proposal aims to implement novel graphene neuroelectronics on a unique highly biocompatible and multimodal neural probe enabling bi-directional communication with target networks. Beside the fundamental interest, such chronic and high spatio-temporal mapping of neurons activity would be useful for the next generation of neuroprosthesis to replace and restore disable functionality lost after injury, trauma or neurodegenerative disease, with strong impact in electrophysiology and pharmacology
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