Covid-19 and Multidimensional Inequalities in Lebanon
French National Research Agency (ANR)  
Funder: French National Research Agency (ANR)Project code: ANR-21-LIBA-0006
Funder Contribution: 95,000 EUR
The Covid-19 crisis is occurring in Lebanon at a time when the country is suffering the repercussions of multiple crises which have substantially worsened its socio-economic situation. Thus, inequalities, which are structurally high, could increase further. The objective of the CIM-Lib project is to assess, through a multidisciplinary approach and using quantitative and qualitative analysis tools, the impact of the pandemic on multidimensional inequalities in Lebanon. In this regard, three surveys will be deployed and will be based on various and complementary data collection schemes. Empirical studies will allow identifying the main dimensions of inequalities and their determinants. Targeted policies can thus be proposed in order to reduce inequalities. The project is led by a Franco-Lebanese consortium, and the various tasks will be undertaken by its members according to their multiple and complementary skills.
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