For a resilient and sustainable food system in Lebanon
French National Research Agency (ANR)  
Funder: French National Research Agency (ANR)Project code: ANR-21-LIBA-0008
Funder Contribution: 94,998.4 EUR
On August 4, 2020, Beirut is the victim of a double explosion of rare intensity which further weakened a country on the brink of collapse. This dramatic episode is unfortunately only one phase in the many crises that have hit the country in recent years: financial, political, social, economic and now health crises. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbates the already dramatic situation, but above all it reveals tensions in sectors hitherto with little work done in the Lebanese context, particularly food. SAR_Li proposes, from the changes observed in food systems (FS), to identify the conditions for strengthening food security in Lebanon and the resilience of the food system. Three specific objectives lead us: to diagnose and characterize the food system in Lebanon, pre-crisis situation; identify the ruptures caused by the economic, health and political crises in Lebanon; propose paths of resilience based on innovative local approaches hybridized with experiences carried out abroad. In order to achieve these objectives, we will identify the necessary initiatives across the planet, but also locally, to make viable proposals, already proven but mainly adapted to the Lebanese context. Then, we will decipher the Lebanese food system by carrying out three detailed studies: the FS study through the consumer’s input: example of Bourj Hammoud district; the study of FS through the Organizational policy: example of Central Bekaa; the study of FS through the Alternative and innovative actions. We will pay particular attention to the genericity and applicability of our results. They will not be a simple “copy and paste” of foreign procedures, but a consolidation of good Lebanese practices by enriching them with various experiences. However, an innovation, like the one we are going to propose, is only successful if it is socially accepted. This is the reason why SAR_Li is designed to involve stakeholders in the food sector in Lebanon from the upstream.
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