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An investigation on fish parasites in Hanna Wetland, Semirom, Isfahan Province

Jalali, B.; Mahbobi Soofiani, N.; Asadollah, S.; Barzegar, M.;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2012
As a part of a major ecological study of Hanna Wetland, Semirum Region, Isfahan Province, parasitic infestation of 3 native and one introduced fish species were investigated. A total of 120 fish specimens were collected by both cast net and a series of gillnets between fall and winter 2007, and spring and summer 2008. Some of the observed parasites are reported for the first time as new host records of: Trichodina perforata on gill and skin of Carassius auratus auratus and three species of leeches namely: Glossiphonia heteroclite, Thromyzon tessulatum and Hemiclepsis marginata on the skin and fin bases of Capoeta damascina. Moreover, 14 internal and external par...
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free text keywords: Parasites infection, Parasitic worms, Cyprinid fish, Leech, Fish, Investigation
European Marine Science
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