A flagellum-specific chaperone facilitates assembly of the core type III export apparatus of the bacterial flagellum

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D. Fabiani, Florian; Renault, Thibaud T.; Peters, Britta; Dietsche, Tobias; Gálvez, Eric J. C.; Guse, Alina; Freier, Karen; Charpentier, Emmanuelle; Strowig, Till; Franz-Wachtel, Mirita; Macek, Boris; Wagner, Samuel; Hensel, Michael; Erhardt, Marc;
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.2002267
  • Subject: Biochemistry | Microbiology | Cell Biology | Genetics | Molecular Biology | Biotechnology | Cancer | Plant Biology | export machinery | proton motive force-dependent manner | quality control | multi-component transmembrane export gate | self-assembling nanomachine | integral-membrane proteins | core export apparatus | flagellar-specific type III secretion system | assembly | flagellar basal body | flagellar building blocks | bitopic membrane protein | super-resolution microscopy | flagellar T 3SSs | core type III export apparatus | bacteria move | protein export machine | T 3SS | flagellum-specific chaperone | subcellular localization | core T 3SS export machinery | cytoplasmic domain | FliO functions | virulence-associated injectisome | flagellar T 3SS chaperone

<div><p>Many bacteria move using a complex, self-assembling nanomachine, the bacterial flagellum. Biosynthesis of the flagellum depends on a flagellar-specific type III secretion system (T3SS), a protein export machine homologous to the export machinery of the virulence... View more
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