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Other research product . Collection . Other ORP type . 2021

Commented archive to studies about the morphological evolution of menardiform globorotalids at Western Pacific Warm Pool ODP Hole 806C (Ontong-Java Plateau)

Knappertsbusch, Michael W;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2021
Publisher: PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
This archive contains the primary raw data and intermediate results to an extended morphometric investigations about the evolution of menardiform globorotalids (planktonic foraminifera) from ODP Hole 806C (Ontong-Java Platform) from 37 stratigraphic levels during the past 8 million years (Knappertsbusch, 2021, submitted). This study is complementary to earlier such investigations about Globorotalia menardii, G. limbata and G. multicamerata from DSDP Holes 502 and 503 and from ODP Hole 925B. The goal of these investigations is to document the tempo & mode and paleobiogeographic patterns of morphological shell evolution and speciation with special emphasis on the Neogene Globorotalia menardii – limbata – multicamerata plexus. The present archive from Hole 806C consists of another large set of digital images and structured morphometric measurements, together with the software codes to extract the data. If unpacked, the entire data set expands to 12.3 GB (119'271 files). Morphometric parameters were extracted from shell outlines in keel view and include measurements of spiral height and axial length, the area of the silhouette, radii of osculating circles in the lower and upper keel region, spiral and umbilical convexities, and convexity ratios from more than 11'300 specimens. The final results and statistical treatment, that are illustrated in the above mentioned study form a subset of the presented data archive and are provided in an extra – reduced - set of electronic supplements alongside with the publication. A mirror of the present archive is stored on the internal media server of the Natural History Museum Basel, Switzerland. Samples, measured slides, and residues from this study are also deposited in the micropaleontological reference collections at the same institution.

Additional Funding, Globorotalia menardii, Morphometry, Neogene, ODP Hole 806C, Ocean Drilling Program ODP, evolution, planktonic foraminifera, Earth System Research, Ocean Drilling Program (ODP)