Determination of liquid-liquid equilibrium data for biodiesel containing ternary systems using near infrared technique

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Beneti, S. C. ; Priamo, W. L. ; Lanza, M. ; Kunita, M. H. ; Mazutti, M. A. ; Cardozo Filho, L. ; Oliveira, J. Vladimir (2013)
  • Publisher: Brazilian Society of Chemical Engineering
  • Subject: Liquid-liquid equilibrium | Near infrared spectroscopy | Biodiesel | Soybean oil

This work is focused on the determination of liquid-liquid equilibrium data for systems containing methyl and ethyl fatty acid esters, water, glycerol and ethanol at temperatures of 303.15 K and 318.15 K using a near-infrared spectroscopy technique (NIR). The NIR method... View more
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