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Other research product . 2019

Urban development in wartime Afghanistan

Erdem, Helin; Hansen, Alexander Bjørn; Riis, Johannes;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2019
Country: Denmark

This research paper seeks to shed light on the development of two cities in the southern Helmand province of Afghanistan throughout the Afghan war. The paper presents the following research question: To what degree can easily accessible satellite images combined with knowledge of the Afghan war reveal a narrative describing the urban development of the cities Lashkar Gah and Gereshk and which processes govern this narrative.The study has been conducted through analyses of satellite images along with knowledge of the conditions of the two cities during the war. This analysis have been conducted separately for each city and then comparatively. Through this medium a narrative have been detailed that describe the cities growth between 2000-2018, what elements that have had an impact on this growth and what the construction of different types of residential areas can tell us about this grow. Finally the paper describes det different urban processes that govern this narrative.


Afghanistan, Urban udvikling, Helmand, Remote Sensing, Afghan War, Lashkar Gah, Gereshk

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