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Other research product . 2022

Destruction of cultural identity: ISIS and Cultural Destruction in Syria.

Russo, Mirko; Viñas Malo, Daniel; Kastner, Melanie;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2022
Publisher: RUC
Country: Denmark

This project will deep into the motives and reasons behind cultural destruction. It will underline the will to entirely wipe off a distinctive group of population and its culture. Taking Syria as our main case given the events of the last decade; centring in the civil war where lives and art have been lost forever, together with the morale of its population, which fled to other countries in big numbers throughout the war. As for the perpetrators, ISIS will be the focus of our project, guilty of intentionally destroying many monuments, especially in Syria. Before explaining and answering to the questions of the project regarding culture, it is more than mandatory to analyse Syria’s history, tribes and regions. After reaching the core of our project and describing the possible reasons behind these actions, the third part of our project, which focuses on the emotional sphere of the victims. War brings with itself grief, loss, damage and destruction to a country and its material environment. To focus on the emotional attachment and emotional damage during this war shall be a matter of discussion nevertheless. We will not only analyse and discuss cultural destruction and the loss for humanity whenever perpetrators decide to damage forever something so important as our, as humans, common and singular past.


Syria, Isis, Cultural destruction, Civil war, UNESCO, Religion, Terrorism, Daesh, ISIL, Islamic state, Monuments, Cultural Heritage, Islam, Extremism

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