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When HCI Meets Neurotechnologies: What You Should Know about Brain-Computer Interfaces

Frey, Jérémy; Jeunet, Camille; Mladenovic, Jelena; Pillette, Léa; Lotte, Fabien;
  • Published: 06 May 2017
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Country: France
3rd cycle; The additional fee must be paid to ACM. This text field is large enough to hold the appropriate release statement assuming it is single spaced in a sans-serif 7 point font. Every submission will be assigned their own unique DOI string to be included here. Abstract Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) have brought new, exciting and promising perspectives of interaction. On the one hand, active BCIs enable users to control applications (such as assistive technologies or video games) using their brain activity alone. On the other hand, passive BCIs bring the possibility of adapting an application/interface based on users' mental states. In this course, we fi...
free text keywords: Author Keywords BCI, EEG, Ethics ACM Classification Keywords H52 [User Interfaces]: Evaluation/methodology, Neuroer- gonomics, Machine Learning, Signal Processing, [INFO.INFO-HC]Computer Science [cs]/Human-Computer Interaction [cs.HC], [INFO.INFO-BT]Computer Science [cs]/Biotechnology, [INFO]Computer Science [cs], [INFO.INFO-LG]Computer Science [cs]/Machine Learning [cs.LG], [INFO.INFO-ET]Computer Science [cs]/Emerging Technologies [cs.ET], [INFO.INFO-TS]Computer Science [cs]/Signal and Image Processing, [SCCO.NEUR]Cognitive science/Neuroscience, [SCCO.PSYC]Cognitive science/Psychology
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EC| BrainConquest
Boosting Brain-Computer Communication with high Quality User Training
  • Funder: European Commission (EC)
  • Project Code: 714567
  • Funding stream: H2020 | ERC | ERC-STG

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