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Other research product . Other ORP type . 2010

UK government on the internet is still costly and of ‘variable to poor’ quality

Tinkler, Jane;
Published: 08 Sep 2010
Publisher: Blog post from London School of Economics & Political Science
Country: United Kingdom

For most British citizens, the government web domain is their first point of contact with the state – and it can be confusing. The Labour government tried to update it by developing government ‘supersites’. Yet Jane Tinkler finds that recent statistics show that the central government is spending around £130m per year to generate somewhat less than 550 million visits to its sites. And the quality of information facing citizens and business still varies a great deal.


JA Political science (General)

3. Council Tax Benefit reforms will pitch young against old, as well as poor against poor (22.6)

4. The government's proposed cap on benefits is based upon a questionable grasp of how the benefits system actually works, and would exacerbate difficulties for poor, out of work families. (20.1)

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Other ORP type . 2010