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Studying molecular 2 species econimic shrimps (P. merguiensis, P. indicus) Northern coast of the Persian Gulf and Oman sea using microsatelitte markers to separating and identificating of their possible populations

Tamadoni Jahromi, Saeid; Ghadirnezhad, S.H.; Seyd Ali Babaei, S.A.; Ghorghi, A.; Amirinia, S.; Ezhdehakosh, A.; Salehi, H.; Sadeghi, M.R.;
  • Published: 01 Jan 2014
  • Publisher: Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute
This study focuses on molecular investigation of two commercial shrimp species of penaeus family namely as : P. merguiensis and P. indicus in order to find and introduce the genetic differentiations and also probable genotypes for monitoring and managing the genetic resources of populations in three major catch areas in the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea. Only five out of the eight primers for P. merguiensis and four out of the eight primers for P. indicus produced good amplified PCR products with fixed annealing temperature. The rest of the primers were either not easily amplified or produced nonspecific bands. Seven and six alleles were found to be unique to ea...
free text keywords: Aquaculture, Biology
Fisheries and Aquaculture Management
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