Using of steganographic methods in questions of state information resources protection

Unknown Ukrainian OPEN
Юдін, О.К.; Симониченко, Я.А.; Симониченко, А.А.;
  • Publisher: National Aviation University
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.18372/2310-5461.36.12231
  • Subject: steganographic analysis; government information resources; services information security [steganographic methods, the steganographic system] | стеганографические методы; стеганографическая система; стеганографический анализ; государственные информационные ресурсы; услуги защиты информации | стеганографічні методи, стеганографічна система; стеганографічний аналіз; державні інформаційні ресурси; послуги захисту інформації

The article deals with the definition of the possibilities of using steganographic methods, namely, methods of information hiding and steganography analysis, in problems of protection of state information resources. During the work was identified the opportunity of the ... View more
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