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  • Funder: UK Research and Innovation Project Code: 103392
    Funder Contribution: 246,144 GBP

    It is possible to identify, from satellite, the gradient of a river and its flow rate at any individual point, then to make calculations, based on the operating parameters of any pre-selected hydropower kit, about the cost of installation and pay-back periods for hydropower generation at that site. By surveying whole river valleys from satellite, and identifying large numbers of sites suitable for that pre-selected kit, we aim to disrupt the current industry model which results in the bespoke design of one-off run-of-river hydropower installations, and to bring economies of scale, in manufacturing and financing, that have been so successful with other renewable energy technologies, but which have proven so elusive to the hydropower industry. This technology will be useful in the UK and other developed countries, but its real potential for "mushroom-shaped" growth, is in the developing world. As a test-bed of the potential for UK exports across the developing world, this project focuses on Uganda, where the population's access to electricity, especially in remote areas, is less than 10%. Global investment players, both public and private, are very active in driving access to electricity. This is a growth market on a global scale and one which can uniquely be accessed from space.

  • Funder: UK Research and Innovation Project Code: 751865
    Funder Contribution: 5,000 GBP

    Rivers offer the promise of great potential for the generation of "green" electricity, but traditional turbine designs are not environmentally acceptable except in a relatively small number of site types - mainly where there already exists a weir or some other water fall. "Pisces Preserver" avoids harming fish while also producing comparatively small amounts of electricity, but in thousands of possible installations. This development could take UK "run-of-river" installations from around 20 to 200 per year.


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