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Universidade de Coimbra

Universidade de Coimbra

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  • Funder: French National Research Agency (ANR) Project Code: ANR-22-PRIM-0001
    Funder Contribution: 292,670 EUR

    The project SIRAM (Sustainable Innovations for Regenerative Agriculture in the Mediterranean area) aims at developing, scaling-up and disseminate innovative regenerative agriculture approaches to tackle issues related to climate change, desertification, loss of biodiversity excessive use of chemical and low incomes in small-holders farms in the Mediterranean. The tested approaches will be in line with the main principles of regenerative agriculture, namely the adoption of no-tillage practices, the use of cover-crops, the screening of local varieties with resistant traits, the synergic application of biostimulant and bioprotecting microbial strains co-formulated with organic fertilizers from recycled wastes. The project goals will be achieved through a lab-to-farm approach that starts from the molecular and chemical screening of existing crop varieties, microbial strains and organic waste biomasses, in order to select and tailor the best ones which will be tested in 8 case studies representing different Mediterranean scenarios under different pedoclimatic conditions but facing common issues. SIRAM will adopt a systemic approach focused on the tripartite soil-plant-microbiome system. At soil level, mechanisms of soil organic matter stabilisation and greenhouse gases reduction through no-till, cover crops and amendments will be tested; at microbial level, advancements in the understating of basic mechanisms through which certain microorganisms induce plant systematic resistances to insects and fungal attacks will be provided; at plant level the focus will be on the selection of resistant local varieties and on the understanding and exploitation of mechanisms by which plants can select beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere, especially after biotic and abiotic stresses (e.g. severe pathogens outbreaks and climate change related droughts).

  • Funder: French National Research Agency (ANR) Project Code: ANR-17-MRS4-0023
    Funder Contribution: 30,000 EUR

    The purpose of this application is to set up a preliminary organizational process with a view to create a network of partners capable of successfully responding to the European call: MSCA-ITN-ETN European Training Networks (part of the Sklodowska-Curie Actions). The aim of the WETLANDSPACE project is to create a European and international network bringing scientists and stakeholders together to train high level experts capable to help wetland adaptive management in different socio-economic, political, cultural and biophysical complex and changing contexts. WETLANDSPACE will concretely integrate science and end-user needs to train early stage researchers (ESR) who will define and implement different parameters and indicators of importance for wetland socio-ecosystem processes targeted to the issues of stakeholders and end-users. This project proposes the innovative solution of a highly collaborative working to explore diverse wetland socio-ecosystems conditions and development with a particular emphasis on incorporating perception across various stakeholder groups. ESRs will optimize close and continuous collaboration and networking to select the most purposeful modeling approach using open access tools and will integrate their results in a simulation platform to help management decision. The unique learning environment will enhance career perspectives of the ESRS who will be prepared to participate to the effort at different institutional levels by providing explicit guidance to help adaptive management to be tailored to specific contexts. Research will focus on boreal, temperate and tropical sites in Europe and Africa.


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