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  • Funder: ANR Project Code: ANR-15-MRSE-0018
    Funder Contribution: 30,000 EUR
    Partners: Cardiorenal Diagnostics SME, Imperial College London (ICL), UMS 015 F-CRIN, Unité Inserm 942 hopital département danesthesie réanimation, Linköpings University, Unité INSERM U 1116/CIC-P 1433, Charité Universitats Medizin Berlin, Hospital Centre Luxembourg, European Drug Development, SYNERGUS SME...

    Reducing repeat hospitalisations is an unmet need and of great importance to patients with heart failure (HF) and, given its economic impact, to society as a whole, since HF is one of the most debilitating, deadliest and costliest of diseases. Such reduced hospitalisations may be achieved by therapy optimisation aimed at maximising efficiency and safety of evidence-based but still under-prescribed and under-dosed life-saving drugs. Aims: To meet the challenge of improving clinical decisions in the management of post-acute HF patients, CARE-MOST HF network aims at assessing the effectiveness within the framework of a randomised clinical trial of an innovative integrative theranostic method combining: i) a non-implantable, minimally invasive (a single daily fingertip drop of blood) home monitoring point-of-care tool measuring relevant cardiorenal parameters, ii) remote-monitoring facilities embedded into a patient-centred disease management programme (i.e. a telemedicine loop including a local call-centre), iii) an algorithmic expert system providing decision-making support for a more dynamic management of the complex pharmacological treatment of HF.