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Country: France
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  • Funder: EC Project Code: 101070125
    Overall Budget: 2,000,000 EURFunder Contribution: 2,000,000 EUR

    NGI Enrichers aims to be the European gateway for Internet innovators to both the US and Canada. An agile and flexible fellowship programme will provide financial support to Internet innovators from European and Horizon Europe associated countries to travel to the US or to Canada and collaborate with their counterparts on NGI (Next generation Internet)-related topics, such as on trust and data sovereignty, internet architecture renovation and decentralised technologies and solutions. Three open calls will be organised and 70 to 90 EU Internet researchers and innovators will be selected for 3 to 6 months fellowships (travel and monthly allowance), and be hosted by world class US and Canadian universities, research centers, or cutting-edge Internet private sector organisations to jointly develop innovative solutions and services in line with EU values and policy priorities. A community platform will support knowledge sharing and help establish long-term collaborations on NGI technologies, services, and standards. Fellows will participate in hybrid bootcamps, receive on-demand business, technical and collaboration support services and mentorship in order to increase the impact of their collaborations, and participate in a pitch and award ceremony. A pilot action with Canada will also be set up to provide additional or reciprocal fellowships to expand or reinforce initiated NGI collaborations. NGI Enrichers therefore offers a unique and 360° approach offering optimal preparations, ideal onsite conditions and long-term effects with sustainable collaboration partnerships, and will specifically allow to (1) enhance EU-US and EU-Canada cooperation in the development of NGI technologies, services and standards, (2) reinforce and expand NGI transatlantic ecosystem of top researchers, high-tech startups / SMEs and Internet-related communities collaborating on the evolution of the Internet according to a human-centric approach (3) help sharing the EU vision and values with US and Canadian counterparts and thus (4) contribute to the EU internet policy objectives.

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 101060142
    Overall Budget: 1,995,880 EURFunder Contribution: 1,995,880 EUR

    The Region of Aragon together with local and European partners aims to support the uptake of the Aragonese Circular Economy (CE), through a new project development assistance service, that aims at accelerating the private funding of CE projects in the region: The RESOURCE project (REgional project development aSsistance fOr the Uptake of an aRagonese Circular Economy). RESOURCE gathers partners all along the value chain. G.A.C Group, (impact maximisation) is the project coordinator. CEEIARAGON the regional a reference centre of Aragon for the development and consolidation of technology-based business projects, will support GAC in co-coordinating the Project. Project partners involve the Government of Aragon (policy alignment), ANCES (links to private funders), AITIIP (technical support to projects), European Business Network, to liaise with a large array of European region and the CCRI, and University of Leiden, for expertise on circularity assessment. The overall implication is that implementing a change from a linear to a circular business model involves significant risks, which necessitates de-risking, in combination with a learning environment. Providing some financial support is essential. Investors and lenders need to learn about and assess better if financing such business investments in circular transitions will pay off, so that they ultimately can take over the role of providing risk capital. RESOURCE aims therefore at co-creating a Project Development Assistance (PDA) solution which reinforces Circular Economy projects, supports innovative business models and investment schemes, to help them raise funds from the private market in Aragon. In this project 9 pilot projects will seek funds for an investment of 20M€. The approach developed in the project aims at feeding from European best practices and replicated in other regions. RESOURCE is focussing on the Aragon region and will last 36 months.

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 101070200
    Overall Budget: 2,494,090 EURFunder Contribution: 2,494,090 EUR

    Technological breakthroughs empowered by enabling technologies hold a transformation potential that can be funneled to address industrial and societal grand challenges, like greening and digitalisation. To exploit this transformative potential, the innovation journey that leads new emerging technologies to their market-uptake shall embed since its early value-sensitive considerations, such as environmental and societal implications. With FORGING we propose a new methodology based on a value-sensitive innovation journey that breaks linear innovation trajectories to stimulate new technological visions and pathways attentive to the environment and society, and human-centred in alignment with Industry 5.0. technological frameworks. The value-sensitive innovation journey will be deployed in three phases: the technological uncovering with tech experts from academia and industry to detect early signals of emerging technologies; the societal confluence exploring the desirability and societal impact, and implications of novel technologies; the full-fledged co-creation opening to the broader community to develop concrete use cases for tech uptake. We will develop 6 Technological Pathways to transfer ideas and help industry navigate through issues related to the absorption and deployment of the use cases. FORGING methodology will be implemented by catalysing stakeholders’ community with 600 active members, from academia to industry, to CSS, to policy makers and to the broader society. We aim to organise 24 co-creation sessions, consultations with 20 policy bodies, 6 scenario workshops and Tech. and Innovation campaigns to drive tech. adoption. The FORGING Playbook and Toolbox will gather a set of facilitation guidance and materials for exploration, reflection, co-creation and evaluation of emerging technologies. These assets, jointly with the FORGING community, will sustain FORGING as a new flagship initiative on emerging enabling technologies.

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 101114023
    Funder Contribution: 1,149,340 EUR

    Assumptions: - There are many incubation and acceleration programmes in ‘modest’ and ‘moderate’ innovation ecosystems, however there is much fewer investors operating there as well the volume of capital available and actors of innovation ecosystems are not well connected - The potential investors (capital and industry) need relationships of trust with locally-based co-investors of smaller scale that would help them with the local deal flow as well as regulation guidance - The start-up ecosystems all over the world are oriented toward speed exits, which does not favour deep-tech start-ups, that need more time for development - Even the vibrant start-up hubs in Europe have problems in creation of deep-tech deal flow Objectives of atTRACTION: 1. To connect the ecosystems in Wielkopolska, Lithuania and Andalusia to strong innovation networks of Germany and France and: - stimulate cross-fertilisation effects through best practice sharing and learning by cooperation - syndicate a curated pipeline and portfolio of companies at different funding stages to create joint, syndicated, thematically focused deal flows that attract international investors - boost existing support programmes of business acceleration providers 2. To create investment opportunities for society-relevant deep-tech solutions: twin transition and health-tech, IOT& AI for social challenges Project idea: - Attraction and connection of existing acceleration initiatives and investment networks from the participating areas - Development of durable international relationships through concrete actions, i.e. pilot acceleration programs oriented on society needs solutions stemming from R&D - Joint activities increasing the level of trust among investors and founders from less connected ecosystems - Create syndicated, international deal flows in selected category of technologies - Boost co-investments in less connected regions - Support start-ups diversity backgrounds founders (women, migrants founders)

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 101004518
    Overall Budget: 1,000,000 EURFunder Contribution: 1,000,000 EUR

    The ENRICH in the USA project is the continuation of the 42-months long NearUS project (2017-2020), aiming to set up and pilot the European Network of Research and Innovation Centre and Hub in the USA. The objective of the ENRICH in the USA is to capitalise on the NearUS experience, to reinforce the Network and support innovation exchange and commercialization across the Atlantic by educating, preparing, mentoring, and supporting European Research and Innovation actors. ENRICH in the USA serves the needs of EU innovators by providing standardized services and offering soft-landing opportunities across the USA, including through sector-specific Landing Hubs, as such embedding them into welcoming and nurturing local ecosystems. The services are built around three pillars: Education, Connections and Soft-landing. Furthermore, ENRICH in the USA aims to be accessible to innovation stakeholders from all EU MS/AC, and to especially support “underserved” entrepreneurs in Europe, as such unlocking their hidden potential. The business plan of ENRICH in the USA envisages a sustainable path through growing revenues from the Network activity. ENRICH in the USA is building a brand in Europe and the US, providing a long-term asset and return on investment to the European Union.

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