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Country: Sweden
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  • Open Access mandate for Publications
    Funder: EC Project Code: 675866
    Overall Budget: 1,366,440 EURFunder Contribution: 1,366,440 EUR
    Partners: EAB, University of Leeds

    COINS European Industrial Doctorate partnership will create a sustainable platform for researchers to engage in collaborative production of knowledge by investigating challenges for managing processes of complex and open innovation created by advances in digital technol...

  • Open Access mandate for Publications and Research data
    Funder: EC Project Code: 814035
    Overall Budget: 1,076,610 EURFunder Contribution: 1,076,610 EUR
    Partners: EAB, KUL

    5GhOSTS (5th GeneratiOn Security for Telecom Services) will analyze and improve the security of service-based implementations of 5G networks, relevant to protect the EU’s critical communication infrastructure. Based on the upcoming service-based architecture for 5G by t...

  • Open Access mandate for Publications
    Funder: EC Project Code: 815191
    Overall Budget: 2,000,000 EURFunder Contribution: 2,000,000 EUR

    The PriMO-5G project addresses the area of “a) Focus on mmWave and super broadband services” in the call “EUK-02-2018: 5G” of the Horizon 2020 Work Program 2018-2020. The main aim of the PriMO-5G project is to demonstrate an end-to-end 5G system providing immersive vide...

  • Open Access mandate for Publications
    Funder: EC Project Code: 721732
    Overall Budget: 3,078,370 EURFunder Contribution: 3,078,370 EUR
    Partners: EAB, KUL, OMP, TU/e, NXP SEMICONDUCTORS NETHERLANDS BV, Chalmers University of Technology

    The continuously growing need for higher data-rates and, therefore, more signal bandwidth in wireless communications, requires the use of multi-antenna base stations employing the recently introduced massive Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) concept and operating at...

  • Open Access mandate for Publications
    Funder: EC Project Code: 723014
    Overall Budget: 2,062,500 EURFunder Contribution: 1,300,000 EUR
    Partners: University of Rome Tor Vergata, UCL, EAB, IRT SYSTEMX, CISCO SYSTEMS FRANCE SARL, UGOE

    Information access on the Internet is exploding. Usage is shifting to multimedia applications, social networking and IoE. Cellular networks are moving to the next generation. Networking technology is shifting towards virtualization, with SDN and NFV likely to change the...