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Country: Czech Republic
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  • Funder: EC Project Code: 957788
    Overall Budget: 8,233,500 EURFunder Contribution: 6,965,520 EUR

    The project HYPERRIDE (HYbrid Provision of Energy based on Reliabilty and Resiliancy via Integration of Dc Equipment) contributes to the field implementation of DC and hybrid ACDC grids. Starting with the definition of most relevant fields of application for DC grids (local microgrids, grid enforcement to overcome congestions, coupling of AC grid sections, etc.), the enabling technologies will be specified in detail on different levels. Starting from the system perspective, guidelines for grid planning and operation are developed. To optimize invest for the use case dependent use of assets available sizing tools are adapted for the field of DC grids.DC circuit breakers are key technologies for grid protection needed to overcome the main concerns related to these infrastructures. Therefore, HYPERRIDE will raise the TRL of the most promising approaches currently available with a main focus on MVDC breakers. To enable grid automation DC sensors are developed further to provide field ready devices to create data for optimal grid automation. Automation algorithms will be created, validated in a test platform and transferred towards demonstration. This also involves concepts and solutions for cyber security and fault detection. In case of grid faults necessary solutions are developed to prevent cascading effects. For fault prevention databases are created to trigger preventive measures. With demonstrations in three countries (Aachen/Germany, Lausanne/Switzerland, Terni/Italy) the project will showcase relevant and above-mentioned enabling technologies within a wide range of use cases. Benefits of the solutions will be evaluated, especially the integration potential of renewables with respect to conventional AC grids. Finally, business models are created for the products, services and applications in HYPERRIDE.Consequently, HYPERRIDE will actively identify and provide solutions to overcome barriers for a successful roll-out of new infrastructure concepts throughout Europe.

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  • Funder: EC Project Code: 101056730
    Overall Budget: 9,873,630 EURFunder Contribution: 9,873,630 EUR

    FLOW boosts and demonstrates multifaceted EV smart charging and V2X integration into energy systems thanks to a range of comprehensive solutions providing answers to the needs of all actors involved. These solutions include highly replicable user-centric products, concepts, configurations and mechanisms to optimise operation. Cross-sector harmonisation and standardisation is delivered to facilitate activities of stakeholders and EV users. Advanced interoperable solutions enhance planning, operation and assessment of EV charging for seamless integration into the energy system and identification of the most appropriate scenario based on a multi-criteria model, leveraging appropriate business models and tailored services. FLOW also delivers multi-actor orchestration to ensure data exchange and synchronisation across actors for VGI and EV flexibility services. These solutions are deployed in 5 demonstrations (including 2 testbeds and 3 large-scale demos) in CZ, IE, IT, DK, and ES covering a wide range of applications (e.g., V1G/V2B/V2H/V2G, public/private/semi-public, urban/rural/touristic, car/small- & medium commercial) to validate and quantify the benefits associated with enabling and valorising EV flexibility, alleviating grid challenges, and fostering mobility and energy decarbonization. Expected impacts include GHG emission reduction of 0.6MtCO2/y, grid reinforcement saving up to 1.3B€/country, increase local RES by 14% and avoid RES curtailment by 4TWh. The consortium includes 26 partners from 9 European countries covering the entire value chain, including OEM, technology providers, CPOs, aggregators, DSOs, TSO, ICT developers, RTOs experts in users, mobility, harmonisation, optimisation tools, energy integration and leveraging the networks of umbrella associations from the electromobility and the DSOs. These ensure replicability and scalability to foster the EV penetration trends, thanks also to comprehensive communication, dissemination and exploitation actions

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 874972
    Overall Budget: 32,807,400 EURFunder Contribution: 24,986,700 EUR

    In the long haul transport sector, the reduction of real driving emissions and fuel consumption is the main societal challenge. The LONGRUN project will contribute to lower the impacts by developing different engines, drivelines and demonstrator vehicles with 10% energy saving (TtW) and related CO2, 30% lower emission exhaust (NOx, CO and others), and 50% Peak Thermal Efficiency. A second achievement will be the multiscale simulation framework to support the design and development of efficient powertrains, including hybrids for both trucks and coaches. With the proposed initiatives a leading position in hybrid powertrain technology and Internal Combustion Engine operating on renewable fuels in Europe will be guaranteed. A single solution is not enough to achieve these targets. The LONGRUN project brings together leading OEMs of trucks and coaches and their suppliers and research partners, to develop a set of innovations and applications, and to publish major roadmaps for technology and fuels in time for the revision of the CO2 emission standards for heavy duty vehicles in 2022 to support decision making with most recent and validated results and to make recommendations for future policies. The OEMs will develop 8 demonstrators (3 engines, 1 hybrid drivelines, 2 coaches and 3 trucks); within them technical sub-systems and components will be demonstrated, including electro-hybrid drives, optimised ICEs and aftertreatment systems for alternative and renewable fuels, electric motors, smart auxiliaries, on-board energy recuperation and storage devices and power electronics. This includes concepts for connected and digitalised fleet management, predictive maintenance and operation in relation to electrification where appropriate to maximise the emissions reduction potential. The 30 partners will accelerate the transition from fossil-based fuels to alternative and renewable fuels and to a strong reduction of fossil-based CO2 and air pollutant emissions in Europe

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