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Maltepe University

Maltepe University

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  • Funder: European Commission Project Code: 2020-1-TR01-KA204-093694
    Funder Contribution: 133,460 EUR

    "Although there are difficulties for individuals with disabilities to enter the labour market, when the target group is analyzed for the disability group, there are individuals who are more disadvantaged in themselves. One of the most important stages in the participation of individuals with disabilities in social life is the employment process.Autism spectrum disorder (ASD); Noting the increasing prevalence rates in the world and in Turkey and seen in every society is a special group. According to the researches conducted in our country, it is known that the number of individuals with autism is 1.380.000 and 950.000 of them are suitable for employment between the ages of 15-64.Studies are needed to eliminate the barriers faced by individuals with autism in entering the labour market, to actively contribute to society and to facilitate their participation in the labour market. From this perspective, in the Europe 2020 Strategy ""Designing and implementing programs that will promote social innovation for the most vulnerable people by providing innovative education"" and in the 11th Development Plan targets have been set for the participation of disabled people in the workforce and increasing their employment.It has been understood that it is necessary to support and provide tailor-made training services through an international partnership to support the transition of young people with autism to the labour market. Research shows that there is not yet sufficient policies in the employment of individuals with autism in the EU and Turkey. It is known that Individuals with autism should be supported not only at entry to employment but also to protect their employment.Using the appropriate training methods, researchers from France, Britain, the Netherlands and Turkey developing training modules for Job Coachs, other professionals, families and employers, accessing a web page with modules, support will be provided for employment of individuals with autism. The core competencies of 20 Job Coaches will be improved and at least 300 participants from the partner countries will be able to participate in 4 multiplier events. During the 30-month project period;- Contributing to the ""European Platform Against Poverty"" targets in the Europe 2020 strategy by supporting the professionals in the ""Transition of Individuals with Autism to Employment"" with training modules,- Contributing to the development of the action plan of EU 2020 ""Designing and implementing programs that will promote social innovation for the most vulnerable people by providing innovative education"",- Collecting and sharing reliable data and statistics in the context of employment related to the employment of individuals with autism in Europe and providing appropriate training and support services according to these data,- Supporting the best policy practices in the employment of individuals with autism and contributing to a change and development in European policies in all matters related to the employment of individuals with autism,- In the field of employment and skills, to improve the knowledge and skills of Job Coaches, to adapt to new market conditions and potential career changes in order to increase the employment opportunities of Individuals with Autism, and to support the reduction of unemployment and increasing labour productivity,- To make the relevant stakeholders sensitive to the social problems faced by individuals with autism,- Sharing and disseminating good practice examples, information and materials related to the employment of individuals with autism,-To promote the dissemination of the achievements, potential and role models of individuals with autism.Since intellectual outputs will be made available on the website, it is expected to reach more job coaches and professionals at local, national, European and international levels, private sector HR and employers, families of individuals with autism, policy makers, NGOs, public authorities. Therefore, the desired impact of the project will be as follows:• Awareness and policy dialogue will be enhanced for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders within the framework of the National Action Plan.• Best policy practices will be promoted in the employment of individuals with autism.• Awareness on the topic of Employment of individuals with autism in Europe and Turkey will be increased about the problems faced.• Contribution will be made to national and regional ""Supporting Transition of Individuals with Autism to Employment"".• Emphasis will be placed on ""Autism Can Work"" both nationally and internationally.• Contribution will be made to improve and change European policies in related to individuals with autism.• Success and potential of individuals with autism in terms of employment and productivity will be encouraged.• The supported model of employment in the EU Member States will be examined and promoted through the model supported by Job Coaching."


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