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Claude Bernard University Lyon 1
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  • Funder: EC Project Code: 896544
    Overall Budget: 184,708 EURFunder Contribution: 184,708 EUR

    Maintenance of skeletal muscle quantity and quality is crucial for healthy aging, and is facilitated by a remarkable tissue plasticity. Muscle-resident stem cells (MuSC) provide an important contribution to this plasticity by differentiation and subsequent fusion with the myofiber – a process called myonuclear accretion. The progression of this process is characterised by distinct MuSC metabolic requirements, and seems to depend on the myofiber metabolic state. We therefore anticipate a role of metabolism – and specifically, the metabolic regulator AMPKalpha2 – in myofiber to the MuSC signalling, directing MuSC fate towards myonuclear accretion. We explore this in three aims, that constitute ‘proof of principle’, ‘target identification’, and ‘target validation’. To achieve these aims, we ensure a two-way transfer of knowledge by combining my Cre/LoxP-based cell system, with the host lab’s primary MuSC isolation. These combined technologies also provide a platform to study myonuclear accretion in the context of other molecular targets and diseases. Furthermore, we will initiate an interdisciplinary collaboration to perform integrative phosphoproteomics and metabolomics, and get a unique insight in the myofiber to MuSC signalling. This will provide AMPKalpha2-targets that will be validated using advanced mouse models established at the host lab, and provides leads for research after the fellowship. Results will be communicated to a scientific and non-scientific audience by publication in scientific journals, conference presentations, via Twitter, workshops and open days. Since the host lab is at the forefront of myogenesis research, it will provide me with an ideal environment to improve my scientific network, and receive the relevant technical and personal training. Together with the innovative nature and interdisciplinarity of the project, this will give me the unique opportunity to reach professional maturity both during and after the fellowship.

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 101028036
    Overall Budget: 184,708 EURFunder Contribution: 184,708 EUR

    Cities have to develop new ways to manage road infrastructures and vehicle flows to improve air quality. In the last decades, in the field of urban planning, many advances have been made, however the urban planning processes are still reliant on very traditional approaches that are very laborious and are highly dependent on intellectual processes. ReAgents focuses on urban modelling, and participatory simulation for future mobility to improve decision making and urban planning strategy in the Metropole de Lyon. The fellowship will be carried out at Unviersité Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL) under the supervision of Gilles Gesquiere deputy director of a national “Laboratory of Excellence” (LabEx) project entitled IMU (“Intelligence des Mondes Urbains”/ Intelligences of Urban Worlds). The experienced researcher will model and simulate the impacts of urban policies on traffic and air pollution emissions using agent based-models (ABM). These models will be displayed on a physical 3D model of the city, called tangible user interface (TUI). ABM coupled with TUI represents a radically new decision support tool for the different stakeholders of the Metropole de Lyon which can be used to explore and assess new urban planning strategies that meet citizens and stakeholders needs. The ReAgent project will reinforce the ER’s interdisciplinary research and transferable skills as well as its professional network in both the academic and private sectors since universities, public actors (including the Metropole de Lyon), associations and companies are involved as partners in IMU.

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 624939
  • Funder: EC Project Code: 280168
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  • Funder: EC Project Code: 301689

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