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Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics
Country: Spain
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  • Project . 2012 - 2016
    Funder: CHIST-ERA Project Code: ViSen
    Partners: IRII, ECL, University of Surrey (Surrey) / Department of Electronic Engineering, University of Sheffield (Sheffield) / Department of Computer Science

    Today a typical Web document will contain a mix of visual and textual content. Most traditional tools for search and retrieval can successfully handle textual content, but are not prepared to handle hetereogeneous documents. The new type of content demands the developme...

  • Funder: CHIST-ERA Project Code: CHIST-ERA-17-ORMR-005
    Partners: Imperial College London, Aalto University, University of Bordeaux, IRII

    Manipulating everyday objects without detailed prior models is still beyond the capabilities of existing robots. This is due to many challenges posed by diverse types of objects: Manipulation requires understanding and accurate model of physical properties of objects su...