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Corporación Universitaria para el Desarrollo de Internet
Country: Mexico
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  • Funder: EC Project Code: 723088
    Overall Budget: 1,220,610 EURFunder Contribution: 499,989 EUR

    FIWARE Mexico aims at enhancing FIWARE-driven collaboration between EU and Mexico, based on the adoption, deployment and improvement of FIWARE in Mexico as a framework that will open up new horizons for future cooperation in the ICT domain. The Mexican FIWARE Lab node operated by INFOTEC is part of the FIWARE infrastructure, which facilitates the use of the FIWARE platform for local innovative players. However, to bring new Mexican players into the FIWARE arena and create a sustainable collaborative environment between Europe and Mexico, it is necessary to set and manage the proper conditions needed to support the pillars of FIWARE in Mexico to go beyond the Lab initiative. FIWARE Mexico proposes a new approach to actively and strategically engage all relevant stakeholders in supporting the uptake of FIWARE technologies for sustainable collaboration between EU and Mexico. The project will establish Working Groups to engage innovators from the industry, research communities and end users, such as Smart Cities players, in the FIWARE ecosystem. In parallel, dedicated FIWARE technology’ training programmes will be implemented for developers, integrators and contributors, embracing the whole open source community, which will facilitate the adoption of FIWARE technologies and the development of applications to be commercialized in Mexico and EU. Also FIWARE Mexico will focus on key aspects that until now have only partly been addressed in the EU-Mexico policy dialogue, such as the identification of ICT priorities and FIWARE topics of strategic interest for future R&I collaboration. The FIWARE Mexico consortium is in a unique position to leverage the required expertise, foster engagement with key players, ensure a shared vision, encourage networking, reach a wide range of policy-makers, industrial and economic leaders throughout EU and Mexico, and mobilize resources towards result-oriented actions that will significantly reinforce the EU-Mexico collaboration in FIWARE.

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  • Funder: EC Project Code: 261487
  • Funder: EC Project Code: 654225
    Overall Budget: 1,821,870 EURFunder Contribution: 1,355,970 EUR

    The MAGIC Project seeks to establish a set of agreements for Europe, Latin America and other participating World Regions, aiming at consolidating and completing the building blocks of middleware necessary for the establishment of a marketplace of services and real-time applications for international and inter-continental research groups which facilitates mobility and the work of global science communities. More specifically, the project specific goals are: -To foster the deployment of the platforms that enable mobility of people and seamless access to services by promoting the establishment of identity federations interconnected via eduGAIN, creating awareness of privacy and security issues and spreading eduroam by: sharing experiences, carrying out training and making available shared infrastructure to ease the process in the partner world regions. -To develop a model for inter-operation between NREN cloud application markets of participating world regions, based on cloud provisioning and taking advantage of applications developed and run by NRENs across different continents to create a model for a worldwide application market for collaboration tools and services -To seek consensus among participating world regions on the importance of interoperability of real-time applications and work towards the adoption of standards such as those proposed by the Global CEO Forum to promote the creation of a worldwide environment for these applications. -To foster the collaborative work of Global Science Communities by actively promoting the participation of Latin American and other regions’ researchers in European Commission Calls and those of other international funding agencies with high impact in the participating regions and other networking activities.

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