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University of Queensland
Country: Australia
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  • Funder: SNSF Project Code: 115073
    Funder Contribution: 42,200
    Partners: UQ
  • Funder: UKRI Project Code: BB/R017956/1
    Funder Contribution: 388,116 GBP
    Partners: University of Bath, UQ

    We will develop and test a new intracellular peptide-library screening assay that we have created to derive functional antagonists for a family of transcription factors (bZIP proteins) implicated in disease. Using a cancer causing member that binds DNA, Activator Protei...

  • Funder: UKRI Project Code: EP/J001953/1
    Funder Contribution: 733,385 GBP
    Partners: UQ, NTU

    Transducers are devices that can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa. They are widely used in non-destructive testing to generate acoustic signals in test materials and to detect changes in the acoustic signal as it travels enabling material ...

  • Funder: UKRI Project Code: BB/J014389/1
    Funder Contribution: 5,000 GBP
    Partners: University of Warwick, UQ


  • Funder: UKRI Project Code: EP/M001873/1
    Funder Contribution: 26,425 GBP
    Partners: University of Essex, UQ

    Protein-protein interactions mediate most biological processes and are therefore important therapeutic targets. The biological activity of a protein usually stems from only a small localised region on its surface. At the molecular level such regions often correspond to ...